A plant and processes for the 21st century
At the plant the fish is processed in a temperature-controlled environment and with the strictest sanitary standards. The plant has been designed to incorporate shower systems for the entire staff. Risk Zones are completely separated and personnel movement from one zone to another is prohibited. The plant has been constructed of the finest materials available for the food processing industry, including insulated panels and non-porous floors.

A pressurized climate control system has been installed to ensure optimum conditions throughout the process areas. Water to be used in ice making and all the processes (including the showers) will be processed through a treatment plant that will enhance the water quality to potable water standards at the rate of 25,000 liters per hour.

Prime Catch is in the process of seeking ISO 900 accreditation. The design elements guarantee product that is of the highest quality and offer a new and unique dimension in the processing of Victoria Perch.

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