An exotic whitefish for world seafood markets

Lake Victoria Perch has made an impact on world seafood markets as an exotic whitefish available in sufficient quantities to provide a consistent source of supply. The extraordinary attributes of this fish include a fine flavor, firm texture, high nutritional value, and the ability to retain its moisture content when cooked.

The product can be presented in virtually innumerable forms, both in the fresh and frozen state, depending on the requirements of the particular market in which it is to be consumed.

The species is now a permanent and salient feature of Lake Victoria and is distributed evenly within the lake, occurring in virtually every habitat. Specimens of 190-200 centimeters and weighing over 80 kilograms are commonly recorded. The average weight of the fish is 4kg. The taste, texture and appearance of this fish are reminiscent of large bass.

Lake Victoria's shores are shared by the three East African countries of Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. The lake is the second largest body of fresh water in the world and is the source of the White Nile. Water quality is excellent due to the lack of heavy industry within its catchment area. The lake's resources and water quality are monitored under the auspices of the Lake Victoria Environmental Management Programme, funded by the World Bank.

Nutrition Product Forms
Protein - 19% Fresh or Frozen - Skinless
Or Skin On - Boneless/ Bone In
Fillets, H & G Portions
Fat - 2%
Omega 3 - 0.7%
Size Range Other Facts
From - 1kg
To - 100kg
Average - 4kg
Taste - Mild To Moderate
Texture - Medium To Firm
Season - Though Out The Year

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